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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been given an Honest Scrap award by Mirne, at http://freyja-kees-lovedsomuch.blogspot.com/ and by Shanti mama at http://shantimama.blogspot.com/ Thank you Mirne and Shantimama for following my story, supporting me and almost never failing to comment on my posts. Mirne, you and Craig have been in my thoughts all day today. It is Friday in this part of the world and I know that this is your important day. All I can do is pray and I have prayed for your happiness and the wellbeing of "rainbow" so many times today.

According to the blog posts of these two very amazing women, "This award is for bloggers who post from their heart, those who write from the depths of their soul." My thoughts are ..we are lost baby moms. The ink we use is our tears, the words we write are agonizing cries of our broken hearts. I know each one of us will be awarded this award because we all cannot help but write from the depths of our souls. Our sorrow has permeated every particle of our being.

There are some simple rules to accept this award. Firstly, pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and secondly, list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about yourself.

SO, I pass on the Honest Scrap award to the following bloggers:

Bree - http://butterflybaby15.blogspot.com
Sally -http://tuesdayshope.blogspot.com/
Ezra's mom - http://ezramalik.blogspot.com
Sophie & Aiden's mom - http://almostamother.blogspot.com/
Jane - http://letterstonoah.blogspot.com
Tina - http://livingwithoutsophiaandellie.blogspot.com
Kara - http://missingyoualwaysjordan.blogspot.com

10 honest things about me:

1) I have aged so much since I lost Akul..when I look in the mirror I see so much gray in my hair and so much pain in my eyes.

2) Before Akul I was uncertain about having a child but Akul changed me forever.

3) I never wear heels.

4) I find cooking very restful and soothing.

5) When I was about 6-7 years old, I knew I wanted to teach.

6) I hate to clean and find it very hard to throw things away.

7) My husband and I dated "online" for many years before we got married. He lived in India and I in the US so....

8) I can bathe and get dressed in about 10 minutes.

9) Sunlight makes me happy.

10) I have always been a very satisfied person. I don't need a lot to make me happy. If Akul were snuggled against me, I would have been complete.


  1. Beautiful. I was going to nominate you immediately but saw of course that Mirne had nominated you. But I wanted to let you know that your blog popped immediately into my mind.

  2. Thanks for passing on the award!

    I love the 10 honest things about you- doesn't it make you think- really about you- not about what people think about you, or assume about you- but actually about you!
    I'm going to find that part hard- but am glad that I will have to do it!

    I loved your number 10- so true- for me too, with my Noah!


  3. Thanks for the award. I also received one from Jaime, Sydney's mom. I NEVER wears heels either, mostly because my husband and I are about the same height. Plus, I'm all about comfort. And, I can get dressed pretty quickly too. I'm a simple girl. Hope the first week back at work was okay. I'm sure you're exhausted. See you Wednesday.

  4. Thank you!!!! I am the quickest person to shower and get ready, too-my husband probably doens't realize how lucky he is that I take no time at all to get ready. :)