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Friday, August 28, 2009


Ezra, Sarah's precious little angel baby (http://ezramalik.blogspot.com) was born into his mother's arms on August 29 last year. To honor Ezra on this day, I have added another slide "EZRA" to the presentation in the side panel which is titled "Akul's Fairy Land." I think all our children are probably in the same land and since they are our babies, I prefer to see them in the land of fairies where everything is perfect. I know how hard this day must be for Ezra's mom. Sarah, I am thinking of you and Ezra. I really wish Ezra was here today, in your arms, cutting his first birthday cake.

I have also added names of Ella (Bree's angel baby) and Tracy's treasures to "Akul's Fairy Land." Tracy, my wonderful colleague and dear friend, had two miscarriages before her beautiful daughter was born. Every time I see Akul's fairy land, Tracy, your babies are in my thoughts. I really hope they communicate with Akul in that fairy land just as their sister communicated with Akul when both our kids were in our wombs.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Nimoli, we're missing our baby boy deeply today.