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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seven Months Old Today

I just read that:

"Your 7-month-old baby grasps by cupping his entire hand around an object.
He is beginning to use his thumb to push things into his hand.
When lying on his tummy, he creeps forward.
He can support his weight and stand if he holds onto furniture.
He recognizes voices and his name and tells tunes apart.
He prefers to look at complex objects and changes position to seek a better view."

Akul would have been 7 months old today. He would have been doing all this. I would have been the lucky witness to all his beautiful milestones. I would have shed so many happy tears and smiled countless smiles.


  1. I am so sorry that you are counting the would have been milestones today instead of seeing them for yourself. I hate that this is a trait that we all share. The woulda coulda shoulda milestones as I call them. This life is cruel and unfair and you should have your precious Akul in your arms as I should have Bryston in mine. Akul is smiling down on you today to help you through your day I am positive of that!

  2. Each day is a milestone that you can't share with Akul. It is so unfair. I am so sorry for your sorrow. (HUGS)

  3. Oh I feel every ounce of your pain right now. Tomorrow is 4 months for Janessa. I remember my son at 4 months & that makes it sting a bit more. 7 months was so much fun...I am so sorry :(

    I wish you were shedding happy tears right now instead. I will be thinking of you.

  4. I am so sorry your sweet Akul is not here safe in your arms. I wish I could wipe the pain away...for all of us. Thinking of you and your beautiful boy. xx

  5. I am so sorry Akul is not here with you. Hearing you and your pain.
    Rhonda xo

  6. So, so sorry you're not getting to witness all these wonderful firsts with your beautiful boy. (((hugs)))

  7. This is so hard. So, so hard. I'm so sorry that you are not on your way to getting Akul's 7 month photos taken. I'm so sorry that you aren't chatting with other moms about what milestones Akul is reaching and surpassing.
    I'm so, so sorry that he isn't here.
    I wish I could bring him back.

  8. Many *hugs* and warm thoughts for this milestone. I wish you were holding your baby boy and teaching him all about the world around him. Thinking of you often.

  9. I know, these milestones are so difficult. Thinking of you and your sweet Akul as you face another month apart. ((Hugs))